Jenna Smith




Date of Birth: Nationality: Telephone:
16 July 1987 British

+49 17566 59376
Lauren Jenna Sinéad Smith Make up Hair & Wigs Artist
Since working in Film Industry for over 10 years now, I have had the pleasure of working with some great Makeup designers whom I have admired. I’ve watched, learned and nurtured many skills to add to this ever-growing craft. I began my trade studying hairdressing full time in a high-end salon to which gave me a great foundation to build upon. These skills helped me quickly adapt to theatre work, which lead me to tour internationally with Musical theatre. I speak German spend a great deal of my time in Berlin when I’m not in the UK or elsewhere filming. Working on German language films has helped me grow stronger all round. All the while growing more confidently into the language. I have recently co designed my first feature film for Nextfilx to be released later this year.


During my varying career history I have developed a number of hard & soft skills,

Soft skills

Time management, ability to work under pressure, conflict management, creative problem solving, team building, organisational, and communicational skills.

Hard skills
Hair: Cutting, colouring, styling both Men & Women’s hair (Period Styles to Modern Day), Perm wave, curly or straight, updo, Period styling & Finger Waves.

Wig Work: Fitting, washing & styling period wigs, Stunt Wigs, Pin curling, Hair Wrapping & Wig Maintenance.

Make up: Cinema Makeup, Male Grooming, Editorial, Fashion, Catwalk, Natural, Bridal, Evening – Boudoir Make up. Shading, contouring, Mature skin. Ageing, Casualty effects, broken nose, Sick, Drugs addiction, alcohol abuse, death, broken veins, cuts, bruises, burns, break outs, knife wounds, slit wrists & throats. Knife wounds and SFX Make up.
Period to modern day make up. Classic theatre makeup, changing / enchanting characters features. Character Continuity.



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