Masks for artistic short film ‚Miserere‘


We’re looking for a designer to create masks for an artistic short film, titled Miserere, in Berlin (see our production booklet here) . The masks play a key role in the aesthetic expression of the film.

The film is about Beth, a married woman and a mother, who breaks of the affair with her masked lover, Adam, after an accidental pregnancy. When the lovers rendezvous, they both wear masks that represent their respective character and mood. Beth is bird-like, light, dreamy, fickle. Adam is strong like a stallion, powerful, addictive. (see moodboards attached to this post)

While the theme is erotic, we want to avoid some of the cliches, so are therefore looking for a skilled mask designer interested in collaborating. If you’re interested in hearing more, please feel free to get in touch on email


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